Little Inklings 2020-21

Table of Contents Double Identity p.3 Poems of Humanity p.4-6 Self Portraits p. 7-8 I wonder about the Ocean p. 9 Me at the Beach p.10 The Wave p.11 Creation Myths p.12-17 Down the Rabbit Hole p.18 The Village of Golden Water p.19-21 Digital Paintings p.22 Swamp Guardian p.23 Casualties p.24-25 Vignettes p.26-33 Letter to 2020 and 2021 p.34-35 Past and Present p.36 Self Portraits p.37 Be Still p.38-39 Digital Drawing p.40 Sculpture p.41 The Prison p.42 -43 Seven Words, One Phone Call. p.46-47 The Ramp p.48-49